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Alex & Penny Ballooning over Italy | Ozzy's Antiques, Collectibles & More

Alex & Penny Ballooning over Italy

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In Alex & Penny Ballooning over Italy, readers meet twins Alex and Penny, aspiring young secret agents who undertake an adventurous mission that finds them soaring over Italy in a souped-up hot air balloon outfitted with gadgets that would make James Bond envious. While completing their top-secret mission, they discover the history, arts, food, and culture of Italy. Throughout the book, spectacular aerial photography spotlights the sights as seen from above by Alex & Penny. Along the way, the twins learn about the art of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Giotto, and other eminent artists, and sample regional food. Throughout the book, mazes, word games, and other brain-teasers reinforce the historical and cultural facts presented in the story (the solutions to the games appear at the back of the book). Packaged with a bonus fold-out poster sized game, this unique and accessible introduction to the history, landscape, and culture of Italy makes learning fun.