Appraisal Services

Ozzy's Antiques and Collectibles offers appraisals for antiques,collectibles and memorabilia. 

Appraisals are needed for many purposes including:

Current Market Value - Understand the anticipated worth of your items in today's market, whether it is through a private market, auction, or retail.

Authenticity - Enlist the expertise of a certified specialist to thoroughly examine items and provide a written evaluation to authenticate, determine approximate age, and ascertain origin.

Estate Planning - Preserve written records of your inventory for insurance purposes or to assist heirs in making informed decisions about the value of items when selling or liquidating.

Insurance - Maintain written documentation of your inventory, whether its an antique, collectible or other items of value.

There are many reasons to have your items appraised. It is always beneficial to understand the worth of your possessions to ensure they are cared for and maintained properly.

Many items can be appraised with high-quality online photographs; however, certain items may require a thorough in-person inspection.

Appraisal services start at $95.00 certified appraisal of photographed items with detailed descriptions and values.

If you are interested on having one or more items appraised for fair market value, replacement value or even insurance needs.  Do not hesitate to contact us via email at with good quality, clear photographs and any questions that you may have regarding our appraisal services. 

We are a AIA/PACC Certified Appraiser within the field of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia.