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Cranium Conga Family Game | Ozzy's Antiques, Collectibles & More

Cranium Conga Family Game

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Cranium Conga is the fast-paced guessing game that will get your whole family acting, sculpting, guesstimating, and picking hilarious words. How many times has grandma climbed a tree? Who knew Uncle Gus's dream job is to be a ferryboat captain? Can your sister-in-law really make 50 different animal noises?

Everyone ages 8 to adult will have a great time laughing about the fun facts that only your family and friends would know. You might sculpt something that's under your bed, act out a place you'd like to visit, or get people to guess what you wish your nickname could be.

Write your answer on the erasable secret pad inside the Conga timer, close the cover, and pass it to the first guesser. Everyone takes turns racing to guess the answer before the timer goes off in their hands!