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The 70's Board Game A Game For Your Generation

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The decades... everybody¿s got a favorite. One that shaped a big part of who they are. One that made them say ¿Right On¿. Was yours the 70¿s? If so, truck down memory lane. This is the game for you! We researched the 70¿s and found what was fun ¿ what was powerful ¿ what was poignant. As individuals we tried to get in touch with our ¿inner self¿ and improve our human potential. As a nation we celebrated our 200th birthday. Gas was rationed, movies shocked, music rocked and women roared. Disco was a noun, a verb, and a mode of dress. Shorts got shorter. Bells got bigger. Cuffs, collars and lapels got HUGE. We slept on water, sat on beans and dashed from point A to point B with no clothes on. We realized the earth needed healing and dedicated a day and a movement to this awareness. During this era we endured the hassles put on an ever-optimistic smile and let it all hang out. Buy property. Collect blocks of time and trade them in for a decade. It sounds easy enough ¿ but you may have to do the Hustle while you wait in line for gas. As you host Saturday Night Live and streak around the board, it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun! So grab your token and advance to Have a Nice Day. Who knows? You may end up wearing a Leisure Suit¿or you may be shaking your booty all the way to the Disco! Are you looking for a fun way to experience the Seventies? Right On! Here it is! Tokens: 8 track player, Platform shoe, Smile face, Mouse watch, Pet Rock, Mood Ring.