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Trivial Pursuit DVD SNL Edition | Ozzy's Antiques, Collectibles & More

Trivial Pursuit DVD SNL Edition

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Live from your living room, it's Saturday Night! Celebrate 30 years of sketch comedy, political satire, celebrity impressions, and commercial parodies with this Saturday Night Live Edition of Trivial Pursuit. Choose a character token such as a Conehead, the Land Shark, Mary Katherine Gallagher, or Will Ferrell's Spartan Spirit, and move around the game board answering questions that test your SNL IQ. The categories are: Sketches, Impressions, Parodies, Characters, SNL Etc., and The Show. What sketch featured John Belushi's character strutting his stuff on the dance floor? Samurai Night Fever. What cast member recorded The Thanksgiving Song and Red Hooded Sweatshirt? Adam Sandler. When you land on a scoring wedge space, watch a DVD clip and answer the on-screen question. With over 2,000 questions including 450 on DVD, it's an informative, interactive, and hilarious walk down memory lane with all your favorite characters and clips from the classic comedy TV show! Comes with Game Board, 1 DVD, 8 Tokens, 24 Scoring Wedges, Question and Answer Cards, Die, and Game Instructions. For 2 - 4 Adult Players or Teams.