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Vintage 14 Volume Set of Childcraft Books from 1947, Full Set of 1947 Childcraft Volumes with Orange Cloth Covers, Vintage Child Literature

SKU: OAC1690

The Fourteen Volumes are titled as follows:

Volume1: Poems of Early Childhood
Volume 2: Narrative Poems and Creative Verse
Volume 3: Experience Stories and Animal Friends
Volume 4: Tales and Legends
Volume 5: Our Own Country and Foreign Lands
Volume 6: Holidays and Famous People
Volume 7: Play Activities
Volume 8: Nature Excursions
Volume 9: The Growing Child
Volume 10: Guidance for Development
Volume 11: Ways of Learning
Volume 12: Guide . Index
Oversized Volume 13: Art and Music
Oversized Volume 14: Science and Industry

Used in excellent condition